~~ Indexing ~~

Ah yes … You mean a person does that? Many people assume that you can get a program to make an index. Or that you can simply use your search function to find specific words.

However, an indexer creates an index that points to the information that will be useful to the reader. A good index (done by a real person!) does two things that a computer can’t:

  • points the reader to concepts (not just the specific keyword)
  • omits passing mentions (that give no information to the reader)

This means that I will give the reader information on where to find discussions of a concept that might not actually use the specific word that is used in the index. For example, you might be looking for a discussion of the colour blue, so you look up blue in the index. I may have gathered page numbers of discussions of teal, turquoise, navy (where the word blue may not have arisen). In other instances, there may be mentions of blue that don’t really have any substantive information. The author may be discussing something and include a long list of colours, one of which is blue. If this doesn’t add to the information about the discussion of blue, I don’t put that page number in the index.

Indexing Society of Canada talks about what an indexer will bring to your project.

In addition to back-of-the-book indexing – for print, I create embedded indexes for ebooks. This means that instead of page numbers in the index, I produce something that is linked back to a place in the text where the word or concept is written about. I use Index Manager to create these indexes.

“Alex produced an intuitive and comprehensive index for my book in jig time. She thoroughly anticipated even the odd or strange items I wanted indexed without my saying so. Upon reviewing the index, I found her work to be completely accurate, organized, and conceptually astute both categorically and in terms of relevant cross-references. I was genuinely thrilled with her work, have already referred her to other scholars who are nearing the end of their own books, and will most certainly enlist her services in the future. Thank you, Alex, for a great experience at the end of a journey for which an index is the final chapter! — Frances J. Latchford, Steeped in Blood: Adoption, Identity and the Meaning of Family


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“To put it simply, I look at the indexes and see great minds at work on a great work. I’m grateful to everyone who was involved with the project and particularly to the thorough and thoughtful indexers who worked so hard and so quickly to help this report’s information reach as many people as possible.” — Ryan Van Huijstee, managing editor, MQUP (publisher, Truth and Reconciliation Reports)