~~ Testimonials ~~

It was a pleasure to work with Alex.  She is an artisan of indexing.  See also: Professionalism; Punctuality.  —Alasdair Roberts, The Adaptable Country

When you write a book for fellow editors, you know your readers will look at the book with a professional eye—including the index. Hiring Alex to index my book was one of the easiest decisions I made. She’s not only a talented indexer, she’s a skilled editor. She created an index that colleagues will find useful. And I appreciated the list of text corrections needed so much. Every eye helps make a work better. Thank you, Alex! —Erin Brenner, The Chicago Guide for Freelance Editors

I am so grateful to Alex for her prompt, patient and professional work on the index for my book and am delighted by the final product. Til now I never fully appreciated the work that goes into constructing an index and am so appreciative of her efforts and the results.—Susie O’Brien, What the World Might Look Like

Thank you for doing the Index. It looks very thorough. I would never have been able to do it. Thanks too for catching the few errors.—Doug Francis, Technology, Mythology, and the Meaning of Life

Alexandra Peace has produced the index on four or five of my books. She is the best indexer I have ever had. Her work is impeccable, always done in time, and reasonably priced. I also appreciated that she does a de facto proof-read on manuscripts, always finding typos and other similar problems missed by authors and the press. —André Lecours, Fiscal Federalism

Alexandra Peace did a superb job on my book MAURICE: A QUEER FILM CLASSIC. The index she created was beautifully composed and considered. A pleasure to work with, Alexandra really engages with and perceptively interprets one’s work. She has my highest recommendation. — David Greven, Maurice

Thank you for this extremely detailed index. It is clear you have a keen eye for detail, and I appreciate the hard work you invested in completing the index. If I happen to need editing or indexing help in the future, I would love the opportunity to work with you again. — Estée Fresco, Red Mitten Nationalism

Leaving Home by Andrew Saltarelli is a huge book – both in word count and in ideas. Alexandra was able to control both to condense more than 200,000 words into a fabulous, inviting index offering readers so many ways into the text. My reaction: “That’s a stunning index! I’ve never seen one as comprehensive or as useful. Wow!” From a project management point of view, Alexandra was a dream to work with – thoughtful, careful, and responsive. — Calvin Luther Martin, publisher, K-Selected Books, NY

The sterling, quite marvellous indexing of Alexandra Peace is not only thorough and comprehensive but also incisive and creative. — W. George Lovell, Death in the Snow

Alexandra did an awesome job on the index for my book! The index was thorough, nicely organized, and right on time. Plus, she found some errors in the manuscript that I was grateful to be able to correct. Thank you, Alexandra! — Barbara Leckie, Climate Change, Interrupted

I highly recommend the work Alex does in creating indexes for books. She gave us a clear indication of cost and timelines and met them. More than that, the quality of the index is very supportive of the book and what readers may need for consulting particular topics. As this was a book based on the teachings of an Indigenous Elder, we gave some specific instructions around Indigenous terms, and again Alex was supportive and responsive to our vision. I would work with Alex again! — Timothy Leduc, Ǫ da gaho dḛ:s

Your index is magnificent! It’s fascinating to see the project refracted through an indexer’s eyes, particularly to see the large thematic groupings you bring together in this work.  Thank you very much indeed. — Ann “Rusty” Shteir, Flora’s Fieldworkers

Alex is an amazing indexer. She seemed to effortlessly grasp the key concepts of the book and produced an index that serves as a real road map to its ideas and intent. In a very short time Alex produced a smart, careful and comprehensive index. I am so grateful for her work! — Stephanie Rutherford, Villain, Vermin, Icon, Kin

Alexandra Peace not only created a fulsome and detailed index in a constrained turnaround time, but she went above and beyond by also providing us with a list of typos she noticed as she prepared the index.  Furthermore, she flagged some sensitive topical issues for us which we were able to rectify before publication and which will make our volume stronger.  She was wonderful to work with, and we highly recommend her. — E. Holly Pike and Laura M. Robinson, Eds. L.M. Montgomery and Gender

“Alex was a pleasure to work with. I appreciated her professionalism throughout the process, including the prompt replies to my questions, the reasonable quote and straightforward invoicing, the genuine engagement with the manuscript, and the high quality of the work. Thank you, Alex—I look forward to bringing my next manuscript to you!” — Maneesha Deckha, Animals as Legal Beings

“Alex was a pleasure to work with as she was friendly, available, generous, efficient, and sharp! I would highly recommend Alex for editing and proofreading services.” — Lori Rosove, 23: Voices of Adoption

“Thank you, Alex. The index looks great — I’m so happy with it!” — Marie Carrière, Cautiously Hopeful

“Thank so much Alex, for the great and quick work on the index for my book! It’s amazing to see how you pulled out the important concepts in the book and how the index reflects the nuances and complexities and crisscrossing connections between the ideas I’ve been working with! It’s much appreciated!” — Jen Gobby, More Powerful Together

“Alex did a great job creating a comprehensive index for my book. Would highly recommend!” — Wendy Chan, Hiding in Plain Sight

“Alexandra did a wonderful work indexing and editing my book. She is kind, reliable, and professional. It was a pleasure to work with her.” — Claudio Palomares Salas, The Spaciality of the Hispanic Avant-Guarde

“Alex produced an intuitive and comprehensive index for my book in jig time. She thoroughly anticipated even the odd or strange items I wanted indexed without my saying so. Upon reviewing the index, I found her work to be completely accurate, organized, and conceptually astute both categorically and in terms of relevant cross-references. I was genuinely thrilled with her work, have already referred her to other scholars who are nearing the end of their own books, and will most certainly enlist her services in the future. Thank you, Alex, for a great experience at the end of a journey for which an index is the final chapter! — Frances J. Latchford, Steeped in Blood: Adoption, Identity and the Meaning of Family

“The bottom line for me is that the Iroquois, in part became of their names, are particularly difficult to sort out and you did a marvellous job of not only disentangling them but arranging them in meaningful ways in the index. No mean feat! You did an amazing job, for which I thank you.” — Jean Barman, Iroquois of the West

The Montreal Shtetl: Making Home after the Holocaust is a collection of narrations through the voices of Holocaust survivors we interviewed. To this end, the book is thematic, and we were concerned that it would not index easily. Alexandra Peace did a wonderful job. Her approach is thoughtful, caring, and meticulous; she skilfully captured the book’s ideas, concepts and themes. It was our pleasure having Alexandra index our book.” — Zelda Abramson and John Lynch

“I was fortunate to work with Alex who created the index for the book I co-edited. Alex worked under tight timelines and provided me with expert advice on the importance of indexing the notes. I am grateful to Alex for her professionalism and her excellent work.” — Idil Atak, The Criminalization of Migration

“It was a pleasure working with Alex. She proofread the manuscript thoroughly, returned it on time, and always promptly responded to enquiries.” — Alan Sheppard, production editor, Goose Lane Editions

Alexandra expertly prepared a comprehensive index for my book on a very tight timeline. Her professionalism and attention to detail were exemplary. I plan to work with Alex for all my future indexing needs and recommend her to others in the highest of terms.” — Professor Monica Gattinger, Director, Institute for Science, Society and Policy, University of Ottawa, The Roots of Culture, The Power of Art: The First Sixty Years of the Canada Council for the Arts

“Alexandra was absolutely wonderful to work with – exceptionally professional, timely, rigorous, and thorough.” — Dr. Elaine Craig, Putting Trials on Trial

“Alex proofread The Embodied Violinist and also prepared the index for it. She’s fast, efficient, and professional.” — Lenore Hietkamp, freelance editor; editorial coordinator at Heritage House Publishing

“Thank you so much – Alexandra, your close reading provided an excellent and accurate index for my book in a quick period of time.” — Robyn Maynard, Policing Black Lives

“Thank you so much for this work, I am extremely happy with this index…. Thank you for taking the time to engage so fully with my book!” — Patricia Cochran, Common Sense and Legal Judgment

“Alexandra did a great job on the index.” — Kathleen Fraser, Associate Managing Editor, McGill–Queens University Press

“Alex, you were a pleasure to work with and turned in an extremely detailed, thorough index. Thank you for being so communicative and for doing such a great job! — Jessie Hale, Inhabit Education

“Alex was great to deal with. Very professional, careful, and punctual. The index makes a strong contribution to our book. It goes into the right amount of detail for our book’s breadth and length, it covers authors, topics and public figures comprehensively and it also provides a sense of both contemporary and historical sources. We were very pleased with the way in which a reader can get a good sense of our book from the index alone. — Erin Steuter, Drone Nation

“To put it simply, I look at the indexes and see great minds at work on a great work. I’m grateful to everyone who was involved with the project and particularly to the thorough and thoughtful indexers who worked so hard and so quickly to help this report’s information reach as many people as possible.” — Ryan Van Huijstee, managing editor, MQUP (publisher, Truth and Reconciliation Reports)

“Alex provided excellent proofreading for our textbook in a friendly and efficient way.  Due to publisher’s constraints we had a very short timeline for the proofreading.  She worked with us to deliver the proofreading efficiently and on time, and I am very happy to recommend her work to others.” — Mark Lewis, The Mathematics Behind Biological Invasions

“Working with Ms. Peace is a great pleasure. She is not only conscientious and precise, but also very accommodating to unexpected and numerous deadlines. She works incredibly well with a variety of materials coming out of our organization. She is excellent at helping us maintain our voice throughout divergent pieces and ensuring we have a constancy as well as an appropriateness to each individual piece. Her professionalism is only matched by the ease of working with her. I can’t recommend her highly enough.” — Chris O’Neill, Ross Creek Centre for the Arts

“Alex has a sharp eye for detail and always delivers her work on time. She has completed thorough, meticulous reviews of both text-only books, and heavily-formatted illustrated books. Alex is a pleasure to work with and communicates clearly and efficiently over email, phone, and in her delivered notes. I would highly recommend her as a proofreader.” — Nicole Habib, former project manager, Formac Publishing

“Gentle, wise, and perceptive, Alex lent her skills and patience as editor for my latest book.  She has a breadth of vision for placement while never missing a ‘jot or tittle.’   Fun to work with, firm and helpful, her humorous “but the choice is yours,” will stay in my head.  A true professional with high standards and excellent work habits, I am so fortunate to have worked with her on a sometimes difficult manuscript!” — David Morrison, Witness

“I found Alex to be very warm and personal which was important to me dealing with a sensitive topic. I also found her to be very efficient in her work. I very much enjoyed Alex’s contribution to my project and I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone in need of a great indexer.”  — Shari Morash, Loving Your Baby

“Working with Alex was a pleasure. Her thoroughness, thoughtfulness, attention to detail, and professionalism made our work easy. She carefully drew out key themes and ideas to craft an index that is a true reflection of the book. We highly recommend her to anyone.” — Alice Cohen, Negotiating Water Governance

Alexandra has been providing indexes to me for over a year and I have found her work to be extremely well done. When I ask her to work on my projects I can be confident that the index will be ready when I need it, precise, and thorough. — Joan D. Shapiro, Shapiro Indexing Services